Global Orgasm Day in C12

Global Orgasm Day in C12

Published on December 16, 2019

21 december is not only the winter solstice, it is also Global Orgasm. The idea behind this action is for people around the world to have an orgasm during these 24 hours, which would have a widespread positive effect on earth and human well-being.
Psst Mlle and C12 would like to celebrate this day with a pluridisciplinary event celebrating orgasm and peace while opening the conversation about female pleasure.

Psst Mlle founder Souria talks us through the program of Saturday’s Global Orgasm in C12! For the full timing, see below!

Safia Bahmed-Schwartz 

Safia is a singer, a tattoo artist and an illustrator based in Paris. She caught our attention with a project she started about a year ago on Instagram where she asked her followers to send her their favourite position so she could bring it to life on paper. She has drawn more than 200 by now, while letting her style evolve from simple black and white sketches to overwhelming blue paintings. With this project, Safia opens a conversation about sexual pleasure, which she beautifully translates into arts. She will create an exclusive series on the occasion of Global Orgasm.

Mac Coco

In her performance “L’Encastrable”, Ophélie, better known as Mac Coco, presents her home-made ceramic dildos. Painted in gold, silver, black or white, they look so good you wouldn’t want to hide them in your secret drawer anymore. Is it a piece of art? Or an object of sexual pleasure? Can you actually use it? From their price to their size and their colour, Mac Coco’s dildo’s are a well-thought creation and performance questioning how sex has been (mis)represented in arts for years.

Mika Oki 

Mika is a visual artist, a Dj, a producer, a radio manager at The Word, and also our dear resident. With a background in sculpture and electro-acoustic music, she explores the notion of intangible spaces and emotional landscapes through AV installations, music and mixes. As a DJ, Mika Oki knows how to surprise the dance floor with a selection ranging from jungle, uk bass and gqom to dark electro, mesmerising trance and heavy EBM. She will close the night b2b with Zeta Lys.

Lola Haro

Awarded as “Most Promosing artist of 2019” by Red Bull Elektropedia, Lola Haro is one to watch. She burst into the scene in 2018 with a fresh selection of warm sounds and an intuition for creating the right mood. Her love and passion for music and her authentic approach has been refreshing and gained her a lot of recognition in the Belgian club scene. In only 12 months’ time she got her first Boiler Room under her belt and shared the dj booth with countless highly respected international selectors. She will open our after party on C11.

Zeta Lys

Lucia Rosalie is a Dutch DJ and artist, based in Brussels. Her ever alternating sets blend together a variety of genres – fueled by broken rhythms and percussion. Once a month she sets off Oskari to discover new places in her radio show at The Word Radio. Other appearances of Lucia include Red Light Radio , Stroom, Listen Festival and Dekmantel. It’s the third time we have the pleasure to invite her and she will close C11 alongside our resident Mika Oki.

Leen S.

Leen is a certified Hatha Yoga instructor with more than 450 hours on her clock. She is currently studying at the Tantric Institute of Integrated Sexuality with Layla Martin to become a Sex, Love, and Relationship Coach. On Global Orgasm, she will Orgasmic Exploration workshop. Experience neo tantric techniques that allow you to connect to your body, your sensuality, your sexual energy and your desires. Sexuality Coach Leen S. will take you on a journey of movement, breath, sound and meditation. You will feel energized and joyful, ready to have better and more full bodied orgasms!

DJ Tumide

If you go out sometimes in Brussels, you must have come across Sasha Vernaeve. Though she doesn’t call herself a real DJ, with years of experience dancing in front of ‘real’ ones, this music lover knows how to take over the dance floor better than anyone else by now. Dj Tumide will play some sexy tracks alongside her friend DJ Marais to close our day programme.

Dj Marais 

Has a passion for digging for all kind of new sounds. Delphine is now a resident at The Word Radio where she has her own radio show called “Internal Session”, which she describes as a “musical session featuring interviews about the guests’ musical genesis and the sounds that represent them at the moment.” She will play some hot track together with Sasha to close the day programme.


2F4F is an audio-visual label run by Daya and Katia. The aim of their project is to truly blend sound and visual when all too often, the music industry isolates the visual component of music creation from its sonic counterpart, reducing it to mere promotional use as is evidenced by the prevalence of the video clip format. They will work with us on a special orgasmic scenography in C11.

Timing (C11)
15:30 – Opening Orgasm Market

Home-made lubricant and oil by Andrea Istria
Ceramics dildos by Mac Coco
Drawings by Safia Bahmed-Schwartz
Tote bags by Luz Daniela Legrain Sanabria

Want to sell your work? Submit it to

16:00 – Orgasmic Exploration workshop
With Leen S.
The session will be 40 min. followed by 20 minutes of Q&A and sexy discussions.

17:00 – Listening session of erotic podcasts by sound magazine QUD

18:30 – Performance “L’Encastrable” by Mac Coco.

19:00 – DJ sets by our dear DJ Tumide (Sasha Vernaeve) and DJ Marais (Delphine Marais)

Special scenography by 2F4F

Party in C11 (23-06h) :
Lola Haro
Mika Oki b2b Zeta Lys