Our musical vision translated into a label.

The Corona crisis is keeping our doors closed and dancefloor empty for several weeks now, with no hopes yet on new line-ups and crowds of enthusiastic dancers. But this unprecedented situation isn’t holding us still. Continuing to support our local Brussels and Belgian electronic music scene, C12 is proud to announce 10 music compilations dubbed Social Distancing. All artists involved are Belgian or strongly connected to the Brussels scene. Confirmed are Le Motel, Stellar OM Source, A.Brehme, Front De Cadeaux, Davy, OCB Casa Voyager, Cabasa, Techno Thriller, Orphan Swords, Different Fountains, Bear Bones Lay Low, Gols, Hadone, … and our residents Session 4000, Kafim & Chris Ferreira. Compilations will also be curated by female artists promoting platform ‘Psst Mlle’ and queer culture collective ‘Benediction’.  

Each edition consists of a collection of several tracks and will be released every two weeks, leading to a total of approximately fifty tracks. All music will be available to add on your favorite streaming service Soundcloud, Youtube, Spotify (coming soon) and Bandcamp. In addition for each track we offer a limited amount of 500 free downloads through our Bandcamp page, where donations are also enabled for those who wish to support us and the artists involved. 

Stream on your favorite platform:

Youtube + Soundcloud

Or download for free through our bandcamp page (see top of page).

Artwork: Andrea Mancini

A major thank you goes to all the artists involved for their kind gifts and everyone else who makes this project possible.