Practical Info

116 rue marché aux herbes
1000 Brussels
Contact :

Age limit : + 21

Limited presales and tickets at the door.

In = in // Out = out

Lockers : 2€

Toilets : Free

A toilet accessible for wheelchairs is available in the club. Please contact a staff member at our help desk to be guided towards it.

February 09 2023: Important message for persons with reduced mobility: for the next four weeks we are unfortunately not accessible for persons with reduced mobility due to necessary renovation works of the lifts and toilets. We apologize for this inconvenience.
Unfortunately we are unable to make these improvements to our infrastructure without this temporary service interruption. These works are done to host you better in the future.
We will actively communicate about the reopening for persons with reduced mobility on our website and through this channel. If this forces you to cancel your plans for any of the upcoming weekends, please do get in touch with

Water is available at the toilets.

Our helpdesk is open during the whole night where you can always talk to a C12 staff member.