• What’s the age requirement to enter C12? To join our events, you must be 18 or older on the day of the event. We’re committed to fostering a responsible and inclusive environment for all clubbers.
  • Can I buy tickets in advance? Secure your spot early through our exclusive presale on See Tickets / Paylogic. Each event offers a limited number of presale tickets, ensuring early access for our dedicated community.
  • Why do you have different prices for presale tickets? In response to rising costs affecting us all, ticket prices have seen a necessary adjustment. In response, we offer a tiered ticketing system. Act early and enjoy significant savings with our advance access pricing. 
  • I paid for my ticket(s), but I didn’t receive it/them? All ticketing runs through See Tickets / Paylogic, you can use their customer service for help.
  • I can’t make it, can I resell my tickets? You can use the resale service TicketSwap.
  • What’s your door policy? C12, as a private venue, upholds the right to admission. Our door staff represent our ethos, ensuring entry only to those who align with the values integral to C12’s culture. We prioritize respect and inclusivity within our space.
  • What if I bought a presale ticket, but get refused at the door? Your ticket will be refunded.
  • Can I enter C12 with a large group? To ensure understanding and compliance with our house rules, we engage in brief discussions with each guest upon arrival. Due to challenges in connecting individually with larger groups, we kindly request groups to limit their size to 6-8 people for a smoother entry process and mutual respect of our club’s ethos.
  • Queuing in silence? While waiting in line, please maintain silence as a courtesy to our neighbors. Additionally, drinks are not permitted in the queue.
  • Why should I buy a presale ticket? While our presale tickets offer a cost advantage, they do not equate to VIP access. All visitors, regardless of ticket type, are expected to adhere to our house rules and will join the same entrance queue. Fairness and equality remain core to our club experience.
  • When does the presale end? At 23h on the day of the event. 
  • Can I buy tickets at the door? We consistently reserve a select number of tickets for sale at the door, from the moment the doors open at 23h. Ensuring everyone has the opportunity to experience C12, even last minute.


  • Community Ethos: Within C12, respect and tolerance are paramount. We are a collective that cares for one another. Everyone is treated equally, irrespective of background or identity. Our space is a shared haven for all, belonging to no single group or community, but to everyone who joins us in the spirit of unity and respect.
  • Respect is key. At C12, we are committed to protecting our space and community. Discrimination (racism, sexism, homophobia, etc.), shaming, violence, drug use, and any form of intrusive behavior, even passive, are strictly prohibited. Our priority is maintaining a safer and respectful environment for all.
  • Once I enter the club, can I leave and come back again? No, we run an ‘in = in & out = out’ policy.
  • Do you have lockers? Lockers are available for 2€ each. Conveniently, we provide a coin machine that accepts bankcard payments, ensuring easy and secure storage for your belongings.
  • Do you have to pay to use the bathroom? Our restrooms are available to all guests free of charge. We believe in providing essential amenities without additional costs for your comfort and convenience.
  • Is water available for free? Yes, water is freely accessible in the bathrooms. We ensure that hydration is readily available for our guests’ health and comfort.
  • Can I take pictures or make videos in C12? C12 enforces a strict no-photography and no-flash rule. We view our club as a private, inclusive space where visitors can freely express themselves without the interference of smartphone cameras. This policy aids in preserving the atmosphere for all, ensuring experiences are lived in the moment. Flashlights from phones, although often unintended, can disrupt others and the artists. To uphold this, we cover smartphone cameras with easily removable stickers upon entry. Our in-house photographer captures the essence of C12, respecting privacy and shaping our online identity. If concerns arise about any published image, we encourage reaching out to us.
  • What do I do in case of an emergency? If you encounter any emergency, please immediately contact any staff member, including security, bar, or entry personnel. Additionally, our helpdesk is operational throughout the night, ensuring you can always speak with a C12 staff member for assistance. Your safety is our priority.
  • I have a reduced mobility, can I enter C12? Unfortunately there’s temporarily no accessible toilet but we can guide you to a quieter restroom.
  • Is smoking allowed at C12? Smoking is permitted exclusively in the smoker’s room. Please note, smoking in any other area of the club will result in immediate removal from the premises. 


  • Lost & Found at C12: Misplaced something during your visit? Every Tuesday, our staff is available at the club’s office from 10h to 13h to assist with lost items. Locate the office next to the lockers, on the right as you enter. Please note, we’re unable to confirm if your lost item has been found prior to your visit.


  • I’m a DJ, a musician or a booking agent. How can I present myself or the artists I’m representing? Get in touch through booking@c12space.com
  • I have a general question for C12? Get in touch at info@c12space.com
  • I’m a journalist and I have a question about C12? Get in touch at info@c12space.com