• Is there an age limit? Yes, you need to be 21 years or older on the day of the event.
  • Can I buy tickets in advance? Our presale runs entirely through Resident Advisor. For each event, a limited amount of tickets is sold prior to the event.
  • I paid for my ticket(s), but I didn’t receive them? All ticketing runs through Resident Advisor, you can contact them for help.
  • I can’t make it, can I resell my tickets? You can to use the resale service by our official ticket partner Resident Advisor. We don’t accept tickets bought from any other resale service such as TicketSwap.
  • Why should I buy a presale ticket? A presale ticket is cheaper. A presale ticket is not a VIP ticket though, it doesn’t give you faster or guaranteed access to our club, you will still have to act in line with our house rules. Holders of presale tickets use the same entrance queue as those without. 
  • Can I enter C12 with a large group? We take some time to discuss our house rules with everyone who arrives at our doorstep, to be able to make sure they are understood by all. When large groups present themselves at our doors, it’s sometimes hard to make a connection with each and everyone. That’s why we ask groups to be limited to 6 to 8 people.   


  • Once entered the club, can I leave and come back again? No, we run an ‘in = in & out = out’ policy.
  • Do you have lockers? Yes, they cost 2€ per locker. A coin machine to be paid with bankcard is available.
  • Do you have to pay to use the bathroom? No, they are free of charge.
  • Is water available for free? Yes, in the bathroom there is always water available free of charge.
  • Can I take pictures or make videos in C12? No, we have a strict no-photography and no-flashes policy at C12. We see our club as a private and preserved space, belonging to everyone and allowing all visitors to feel free and behave, dance, dress, … the way they feel. The lens of a smartphone camera can become an obstacle in creating this atmosphere, for both the photographer and the subject. We like to see every night as an experience lived together and in the moment, instead of bringing the outside world into the club or the other way around. Furthermore we frequently notice the use of the smartphone’s flashlights in our club, often while photographing. These sudden flashes may not be intended negatively but often disturb other clubbers or the performing artists. We will use stickers to cover the photo camera of your smartphone. These are easily removable afterwards. We have an in-house photographer who is solely responsible for the photographic identity of C12 on our social and online media. Their pictures comply with our DNA and will always try to respect clubber’s privacy. If ever you feel unhappy about a picture we used, please get in touch.
  • What do I do in case of an emergency? Contact any staff member (security staff, bar staff, entry staff, …) as soon as possible. Our helpdesk is also open the whole night where you can always talk with a C12 staff member.
  • I have a reduced mobility, can I enter C12? Unfortunately, we are temporarily not accessible for persons with reduced mobility due to necessary renovation works of the lifts and toilets. We apologize for this inconvenience. We are unable to make these improvements to our infrastructure without such a temporary service interruption. These works are done to host you better in the future.
    We will actively communicate about the reopening for persons with reduced mobility on our website and through our social media channels.


  • Have you lost or forgotten something at C12? Every Tuesday, a staff member will be at the club’s office from 10h till 12h and 15 till 18h. Find the office right next to the lockers, on the right when you enter the club. Unfortunately we can’t tell you if we found your lost object prior to your visit.


  • I’m a DJ, a musician or a booking agent. How can I present myself or the artists I’m representing? Get in touch through booking@c12space.com
  • I have a general question for C12? Get in touch at info@c12space.com
  • I’m a journalist and I have a question about C12? Get in touch at info@c12space.com