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lunar convoy

NORITE / Metropolis

Whether it is as a Dj, label owner or his role as an event promoter, French born Souleiman Bacar aka lunar convoy has been making a name for himself on the Brussels scene since 2015. 

By joining forces with Martin Respaut aka Foreign Material he was able to create NORITE, a prolific imprint that accounts for more than 30 releases to this date.

One shouldn’t be fooled by the meditative and ethereal output from his label, as lunar convoy’s influences reach way beyond the deep techno spectrum. His ability to merge hypnotism and groove has opened the path to the major Dj booths of the Belgian capital such as Fuse, C12, FFORMATT as well as clubs in Lille, Paris & Berlin

His most recent project is called Metropolis a series of day time events that take place on Sunday. Along with his peers Sonhan and Altinbas he is free to experiment with different tempos and sound textures whilst honing his skills as a Dj set after set.

Inspirations: Acronym, Anthony Linell, Evigt Morker, ASC, Peter Van Hoesen, Mike Parker, Dorisburg, Neel, Donato Dozzy, Marco Shuttle, Rhyw, Architectural, Dino Sabatini, Pris, Varg, Polar Inertia, Stefan Goldmann, Rrose, Forest Drive West, Eric Cloutier, Kangding Ray, Lucy, Batu, Pugilist, Mor Elian, Asusu, Conforce, Aurora Halal, A Sagittariun, Cosmin TRG, Stenny, Konduku, upsammy, Solid Blake, Deniro, Agonis, Gunnar Haslam, Feral, Exos, Archivist, Pearson Sound, Bambounou,, natural/electronic.system, Paleman, Valentino Mora, Relaxer, Shed, Efdemin, Skee Mask, Zenker Brothers, Andrea…


C12 · lunar convoy • C12 x Kiosk Radio Virtual Club #02
Acquario · immersione quarantacinque_ lunar convoy
Kiosk Radio · efja w/ lunar convoy @ Kiosk Radio 23.12.2021