Rinse France takeover

Friday June 19th we streamed a whole day from C12, live on Rinse France. Listen back to DJ sets by AliA, Azo, Chris Ferreira, Vieira & Fais Le Beau, Kappen, Karla Bohm, Kong, Lola Haro & Louis Vogue.

We’re in the final week of CROWDFUNDING.C12SPACE.COM. Last chance to grab a C12 t-shirt, our photo book, art print, workshop or another reward. Thank you for your help to survive the crisis.

C12 · Rinse France takeover

Production by Slash9.tv. Thanks to Absolute Vodka.


We are launching a crowdfunding to guarantee our future. With our doors closed since March 8th and no prospect of reopening yet, the financial impact of the crisis weighs significantly. That’s why we have decided to ask help from our devoted audience.

“When we first started C12 in February 2018, we had no clue what was about to happen. Not in our wildest dream we had expected such a rollercoaster of energizing nights, outstanding DJ or live acts, new friendships, emerging connections and theater, dance or art performances, tattoo days, audiovisual nights, … Neither had we envisioned a worldwide health crisis that would keep our doors shut for months, leading us to unprecedented financial challenges. But we aren’t finished yet. We wish to keep offering our safe space and the convening power of culture and music to our eclectic audience. We wish to maintain the freedom we experience in and around C12, which we see as a shared good between you and us. That’s why we ask for your help.”

Together with a community of artists close to us, an extensive crowdfunding has been set up. The idea is simple: anyone who wishes to support the future of the project is able to fund and choose a reward in return. These rewards include a few memorabilia, a unique guestlist keychain, workshops or tailored experiences in the club. 

We are proud to present our first ever collection of t-shirts, designed by conceptual photographer and Chanoir co-founder Antoine Grenez, based on unique pictures by our in-house photographer Jeremy Gérard. The work of Gérard is also presented in Eidôla I, a 96 pages photo book presenting his analog and hazy photographic style that has become C12’s visual trademark. A few of his most iconic pictures are also available as art prints in high quality A2 format. For these prints, C12 affiliated artists Pierre Debusschere and Clara Duflos have also shared creations to choose from. Last but not least a collection of poster prints from the club’s first months in 2018 are available to bring home as an everlasting souvenir to a favourite club night.

Funders who back up our future are not only rewarded through memorabilia. A surprising selection of experiences is also at hand. Ranging from a photoshoot in the unique decor of the club shot by professional photographers Antoine Grenez or Elodie Gerard, a once in a lifetime private preparty on the dance floor or a special dinner night next to the club’s soundsystem, hosted by Brussels restaurant St Kilda and focused on seasonal products and ingredients from short food supply chains.

For our most loyal soldiers, a limited keychain is available as an offering in return for their donation. This will grant them unlimited access to the club during the first month (silver keychain) or year (golden keychain) when reopening the club after the corona crisis.

Lastly creative funders are able to join a workshop of their choice, focusing on a job part of the electronic music ecosystem. In the experienced hands of a few C12 regulars, one gets to focus on music production, studio mixing or an afternoon DJ workshop.

The C12 crowdfunding campaign runs from Monday May 18th until Sunday June 28th.

We hope to collect 50.000 euro, to help us make up all losses the club encountered after having to close doors, cover their current fixed costs and avoid the risk of not surviving the crisis.  

We wish to express eternal gratitude to the city of Brussels for their support and everyone who made this crowdfunding possible. We will never be able to thank you enough.

The Corona crisis is keeping our doors closed and dancefloor empty for several weeks now, with no hopes yet on new line-ups and crowds of enthusiastic dancers. But this unprecedented situation isn’t holding us still. Continuing to support our local Brussels and Belgian electronic music scene, C12 is proud to announce 10 music compilations dubbed Social Distancing. All artists involved are Belgian or strongly connected to the Brussels scene. Confirmed are Le Motel, Stellar OM Source, A.Brehme, Front De Cadeaux, Davy, OCB Casa Voyager, Cabasa, Techno Thriller, Orphan Swords, Different Fountains, Bear Bones Lay Low, Gols, Hadone, … and our residents Session 4000, Kafim & Chris Ferreira. Compilations will also be curated by female artists promoting platform ‘Psst Mlle’ and queer culture collective ‘Benediction’.  

Each edition consists of a collection of several tracks and will be released every two weeks, leading to a total of approximately fifty tracks. All music will be available to add on your favorite streaming service Soundcloud, Youtube, Spotify (coming soon) and Bandcamp. In addition for each track we offer a limited amount of 500 free downloads through our Bandcamp page, where donations are also enabled for those who wish to support us and the artists involved. 

The first compilation – C12 presents ‘Social Distancing 1.1’ – is techno oriented, while the focus on upcoming releases will shift towards IDM/electro, techno, breakbeat, experimental, EBM,  cosmic and house music among others. 

Stream on your favorite platform or download for free through our bandcamp page:

Artwork: Andrea Mancini
Mixing: ‘A. Brehme – Cordial’ by Chris Ferreira
Mastering: Ahmet Altinbas

A major thank you goes to all the artists involved for their kind gifts and everyone else who makes this project possible. 

Although Dieter isn’t really a fan of the word physiognomist – a person supposedly able to judge character from facial characteristics – to describe what he does at the entrance of C12. Dieter prefers to see it as a certain two-way feedback role, trying to connect with people coming to the club and starting a conversation about the core values of our space. 

“From my position at the door, I have a unique view on how people behave when they arrive at our club. Most people are perfectly fine, but some tend to lose grip of the situation, being intoxicated due to alcohol or drug usage. We stand for a few important values in our club in order to make sure everyone feels safe and free while clubbing. We call them our 12 commandments, you can find them on a big poster in the club. In order to safeguard the vibe in, I address any concerns I have about behaviour when someone arrives, only in case there is reason to doubt of course. I fully realize that my role isn’t always fun to play, but most of the time all is actually just fine and everybody gets along well.”

Dieter used to run his own record label and booking agency for years. When he met the team behind C12 years ago, during one of their numerous Deep In House parties in Brussels, he felt an immediate connection with their approach and esthetics. This also led to co-curating this Saturday night, where he pushed forward the talented Border One and Thomas Hayes and Dardenne for the main room. In our second room C11 he opted for an array of live acts and DJ’s who stand for charming and warm techno music, among them two live acts that have never performed in Belgium before: Primal Code and CHPTR. With A. Brehme and Lunar Convoy he invited two Belgian DJ’s that will perfectly attach to the vibe he wishes to create in the intimate cocoon of C11.  

Pictures: Jéremy Gerard

Would you like to join our team? We are looking for experienced bar staff: barmaid/man, commis (assistent to the barstaff: filling the fridge, …) & runner (collector of empty glass/bottle in the club)


  • You are a STUDENT with a valid certificate and enough hours till the end of the year.
  • You are 21 years old or older.
  • You are free to work on EVERY Friday OR Saturday night till the end of December. You won’t work both nights, only one night per week.
  • You have experience with bar work on events or in clubs and are aware of the working environment (flexible hours, long or short shift, …).
  • Make sure to fulfill all of the above requirements before sending your CV.

We offer

  • A fair compensation
  • An exciting nightlife experience

Contact us: Jobs@c12space.com

June 1st marked the second edition of our tattoo flash day hosted by Louise Renier. We raised 1405 euro for L’Ilot – Sortir du sans-abrisme, thank you for contributing!

Pictures by Elodie Gerard

We are constantly looking for motivated trainees to join our team. Are you into clubbing and electronic music, are you hands-on and can you work independently yet in a young and dynamic team? Are you okay with unconventional hours and late nights?

For 2019 we are looking for interns in:

  • Communication:
    • experts in social media
    • contributing to our blog, text writing & storytelling
    • language/translation skills (French, Dutch, English)
    • graphic design
  • Production
    • event coordination
    • artist handling
  • Programming
    • making arrangements
    • filing contracts
  • Administration
    • finances
    • accounting

We offer an (unpaid) internship for any period of your convenience.

Send us your CV and explain why you would fit the job and when + how long you would like to become our intern: Jobs@c12space.com

Beautiful scenes during the latest Benediction party at C12, taken on Thursday May 16th by Elodie Drareg. Next one coming up October 11th!

We join forces with newborn Brussels based platform ‘Le Bureau Electronique’. The brainchild of Marc Jacobs, since seven years programmer of electronic music at the centre for fine arts Bozar, hosts a series of concerts. After its maiden edition at Listen Festival, C12 is happy to collaborate with Le Bureau Electronique for a second run. We had a word with Marc.

“I started Le Bureau Electronique as a platform to gather artists who all share a certain musical DNA, an identity that is hard to put one’s finger on. I don’t like to talk in genres and I’m not a fan of the word ‘experimental’, it’s more about a state of mind, a freedom of expression. I believe these artists deserve more support. Due to the nature of their creativity, they mostly work very DIY and independently. None of the existing structures are capable of assisting them. I want to employ my experience and network to join forces.”

“What kind of artists? To name a few of my personal favourites: Piet Dierickx, Otto Lindholm, Monolithe Noir, Obsequies, Orphan Swords, Stijn Demeulenaere, Zeno van den Broek, Zoe Mcpherson, Echo Collective, Ben Bertrand, Onrust, Bow, Sylvain Chauveau, Aymeric de Tapol, Beastly Tears, … And of course The Angströmers, who will be performing in C12. They are two guys from Brussels who run the Angstrom mastering studio and record label. Their music is a mixture of abstract electronica, modular synths and collaborative recordings they performed with a traditional Haitian band. Think of abstract noise and weird rhythms, very dub infused.”

“I work and live in Brussels. I have been programming electronic music at Bozar for seven years now. Especially the seven editions of Bozar Electronic Arts Festival were highlight to me. Being able to offer cutting edge line-ups in a culturally important place as the museum, is always satisfying. For Le Bureau Electronique I’ll always be looking for the best venues and context for each show. To put the legendary King Midas Sound on the bass heavy sound system of C12 is a perfect fit.   

Cover picture: King Midas Sound

Words: Koen Galle

Thank you Lorena, Naim, Antonin, Mélissa, Jeune Clyde, Louise, Cyriel & everybody who came to see urban dance theatre collective Softness last week.

Pictures by: Elodie Drareg