The story behind the freshly painted mural in C11

The story behind the freshly painted mural in C11

Published on September 16, 2019

Those who danced in our second room C11 last weekend, might have noticed the change: a beautiful 4,5 x 2,2 meter fresco is now decorating the space. We invited painter Clara Duflos for the job and afterwards she was willing to share a few words with us.

Pictures: Kieran Young

You won’t believe it when you see the beautiful artwork Clara finished, but it’s the second time only she created such a huge painting. The universe she is currently creating has been in her head and paintings since about a year, as you can witness on her Instagram page. She opted for a painting with dynamics in it, to fully synchronize with the moving crowd of an electronic music club. Central in her work are woman pictured without a face or expression, anonymous, symbolizing the often tensed position of women in society. “They are fleeing from a place, away from something”, Clara explains. 

Clara is from Grenoble in France, but has been living in Brussels for more than 6 years now. Based on her drawings for C12, she has already been asked to renew the well-known mural in Ixelles restaurant ‘Les Super Filles Du Tram’ and more exciting new projects are lining up. 

Come and take a look at her work in our club.