Crevette Records line-up in words & sounds, by Pim & Jakob.

Crevette Records line-up in words & sounds, by Pim & Jakob.

Published on December 10, 2019

The cosy record shop in the heart of the Marollen in Brussels is three years among us. Saturday we celebrate with a double bill curated by Crevette. 

Crevette founders Pim and Jakob explain who they have invited and why. 

Jakob: “In the main room we are very proud to present AS ONE live as headliner. Having released on world-renowned labels like B12, R&S, Planet E and New Electronica, Kirk Degiorgio revives his AS ONE alias after 14 years for his new album ‘Communion’. It is released on the Belgian De:Tuned label, certainly a favorite of ours.” 

Jakob: “In 1992 Degiorgio founded the ART label (Applied Rythmic Technology) releasing early material by seminal artists such as Carl Craig, Aphex Twin, Stasis, and The Black Dog.” 

Jakob: Cecilio & Laurine are co-founders of the Slow Life collective and known for their ever positive vibes and the excellent curation of their label. On Saturday the duo is taking care of the closing of C12 with a 4 hour set!

Jakob: “Gwennan is a resident at London’s Pickle Factory and a regular guest at our beloved Basic Moves’ parties, so we are delighted to invite her over for the peaktime slot at our birthday party.”

Pim: “Jakob himself will be on warm-up duties in C12, while I play in C11. For this room we have invited two of our favorite label bosses. First of all Paramida is coming over, who is known for her stellar label, Love on The Rocks. She has managed to carve out a globe trotting DJ career based purely on her skills as a party starting DJ.

Pim: “A Crevette records favourite, Zaltan (founder of Antinote) is not to be missed during the birthday celebrations. has gathered thousands of dancefloor-friendly tunes of all eras and from all over the world.  He’ll surprise us with a mixture of french proto-house, dark electro fantasies and god knows what else he’ll take out of his bag !”

Pim: “After 9 months of wandering the globe finally stranded back on the Brussels’ shores with a lot of weirdo Records and CD’s.. Crevette Records affiliate and in-house dog-sitter Aroh couldn’t be missed during the birthday celebrations!”

(c) picture Marc Wathieu