Dance performance ‘Tickling’ for Intersections by Psst Mlle.

Dance performance ‘Tickling’ for Intersections by Psst Mlle.

Published on February 19, 2020

To celebrate their second birthday and International Women’s Rights Day, Psst Mlle presents ‘Intersections’.

On 7 and 8 March, womxn programmers and artists will take over Brussels’ prominent venues Ancienne Belgique, Beursschouwburg, C12, FFORMATT, LaVallée and VK.
Ten programmers gather their forces to present a weekend with womxn line-ups only, bringing together different genres, venues and organisations.

Intersections, as in the circuit between six venues.
Intersections, as in the intersectionality feminism needs so bad.
Intersections, as in the mix between music genres.
Intersections, as in the connection between female programmers.

C12 07/03/2020
• Tinkling by Talitha De Decker


The performance ‘Tinkling’ derives its name from the Philippine folk dance ‘Tinikling’ in which two people skilfully dance between beating bamboo canes. Choreographer Talitha De Decker, composer BenjamienLycke and architect Jason Slabbynck took this traditional dance as a departing point for a hypnotising pocket-sized show. Bright LED strips in three Plexiglas floor panels are the contemporary translation of the Philippine bamboo canes. Together with the music, they challenge the dancers to increase their virtuosity. The surprisingly simple movements of Talitha De Decker’s choreography are generated by highly complex dance patterns and figures. When two floor panels are erected, there is no escape anymore from the inextricably wickerwork of sound and light. Are the dancers able to keep up with the pace?

• Bora Bora (DJ set)