Contemporary Dance, Theater & an Exhibition in December

Contemporary Dance, Theater & an Exhibition in December

Published on November 28, 2019

December brings three projects to C12 that we are extremely proud of hosting.

1. Contemporary Dance • Cassiel Gaube: ‘Farmer Train Swirl / Étude’

When? Saturday December 7
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Farmer Train Swirl – Étude is a kinesthetic and subjective investigation of the field of House dance – a style born in the clubs of Chicago & New York in the early eighties. When regular C12 DJ Kong witnessed the performance by Parts (Rosas) graduate Cassiel Gaube in Desingel Antwerp earlier this year, he felt an immediate connection to his own practice as a DJ and electronic music writer. He decided to invite Cassiel to C12, to take the performance out of the theatre, straight to the dance floor of a night club.

2. Theater • ‘Fantasio’ from Alfred de Musset by Club Ajâki

Friday December 13: tickets
Saturday December 14: tickets

The Club Ajâki, a theater company in an Artists’ sandwich club way, will take you on a new journey. In 1834 was published the comedy in two acts of Alfred de Musset: « Fantasio ». Today, Indira Garcia seizes this famous text of Musset, and put it to you delicately there, in the C12, high place of the alternative culture of Brussels.

The DJ «Fleur» will skillfully interfere in this 1h30 of theater, bringing you slowly to the mad mood of the whole party night! Played in French, « Fantasio » encourages us to question ourselves about our disillusions and our hopes. What’s more appropriate to think about that than the C12, one of the icons of our nightlife?

Internet will tell you that Fantasio is cynical, jaded and revolted.
He has “the month of May on the cheeks, the month of January in the heart”. In short, he is bored, despite his youth.

In this half-bourgeois, half-feudal and romantic Germany where he lives, his friend Spark, who knows how to deal with the society’s mediocrity, tries in vain to bring him back to the “normal”. But what Fantasio seeks deep within him is a great thought, a great goal to accomplish. This moment occurs the day when the forced marriage of Princess Elsbeth is prepared with a fat and ridiculous prince of Mantua. From 1834 to the present day, who is not Fantasio?

Fantasio Generation.

3. Psst Mlle • Global Orgasm • Exhibition Safia Bahmed

When? Saturday December 21
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21 december is not only the winter solstice, it is also Global Orgasm. The idea behind this action is for people around the world to have an orgasm during these 24 hours, which would have a widespread positive effect on earth and human well-being.
Psst Mlle and C12 would like to celebrate this day with a pluridisciplinary event celebrating orgasm and peace while opening the conversation about female pleasure.