Lux 18


Lucas Segovia (23) got into music at the age of 17 in Paris. Two years later, he moved to Brussels and joined the multidisciplinary artistic collective Chanoirs. That’s when he started doing it more seriously and also became the programmer of the collective, organizing many nightlife events in Brussels. At the same time, he launched his solo project, Lux18. Dj set after dj set, he developed his style, ranging from industrial music to rave music. He had the opportunity to play alongside Parisian techno dj AZF at C12, and shared the lineup with NYOKŌ BOKBAË and Antoine80 at Recyclart. Lucas performs under three distinct aliases: Lux18, his main project, Lofiluxure, his live project, and Kristoff Alexandr, a duo with Leo Campbell, half of Techno Thriller. These three projects share a coherent identity, though Lux18 is a bit more clubby. With his live project, he explores industrial sounds with drum machines, vocals and analog synths. The first release of Lofiluxure is planned for 2020.