Kong DJ

Ensemble / Souvenirs From Imaginary Cities

Passionately spreading the real house sound for longer than anyone can remember, Kong is one of the most industrious tastemakers of Belgium’s scene. After running a well-known Saturday night show on national radio Studio Brussel and being a resident at Brussels gay nightlife icon Catclub for many years, he now has a close relationship with the capital’s paramount underground club C12 and runs two labels.

Together with Gratts he created the Ensemble nights, podcasts and label, having released music on vinyl by Xosar, Aksak Maboul, Krikor, Zazou/Bikaye, San Soda and many more. In 2016 Kong & Gratts had the honor of performing one of the first Belgian Boiler Rooms ever, the resulting 60 minutes still being a blueprint of their shared love for deep and raw grooves. In 2020 and in collaboration with Antwerp based DJs Hill Men, he launched Souvenirs From Imaginary Cities, a brand new label exploring the space between uptempo electronic music, slow burning rhythms, computer incantations and human percussion in its rudest form.

As an avid writer Kong has been unearthing many stories about the rich Belgian electronic music and vinyl culture scene. In 2014 he published the book ‘The Vinyl Frontier’ in collaboration with Red Bull Belgium, showing the private collections of famous Belgian diggers In 2018 he set up ‘Brusseleir Digger’, an exhibition in ING Art Center Brussels in collaboration with Listen Festival. And in 2021 he created his own publishing house ‘Afterclub’ to present ‘Missing The Club’, a new book written in the midst of the Covid pandemic with more exciting projects to follow.

Kong’s DJ-sets are 100% vinyl and embedded in the rich history of electronic dance music, from the originators to contemporary sounds, from house to new beat, techno, disco, rave or trance. Always with a typical Belgian twist inspired by the early days of central European rave culture, when he was still a teenager secretly listening to club recordings on his radio transistor late at night.

Nowadays Kong holds a residency at C12, the club where has been a regular guest right since the start in 2018. Furthermore he has taken his bag of records to almost every venue or event in the country including Fuse, Ampère, Kompass, Stelplaats, Horst, Listen Festival, Tomorrowland, Dour or I Love Techno; he feels most at home in dim club spaces or vibrant dance floors with solid sound systems. With more than 20 years of experience, here is a DJ who serves no hypes or fillers, only killers.