Jeremy gerard - DNA temporaire

Jeremy Gérard


Jeremy with his photography tries to capture glances of a parallel world by pinpointing the nuances of a seemingly chaotic mass from within.

One of the main goals is to keep traces of the rituals of the nightlife and archiving them. 

The idea is not only to work as a cameraman in terms of an outsider capturing moments via his lens, but to completely immerse himself in this so called hedonistic safari and become a creature of the night by giving back to the vibe, partaking wholeheartedly in the endeavor at play to then capture the moments from the inside.


Nobuyoshi Araki – Désinvolture

Daido Moryama –  Spontanéité

Stanislav Tuma – Abstraction

Stanley Kubrick – Rigueur

Arnold Newman – Présence

Andreï Tarkovski – Weltschmertz


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