Davy / T.A.M.22


Davy’s vocation started at the age of 14 when he Managed to get his hands on his very first pair of turntables. It was only a matter of time before he started gigging and throwing parties of his own. Davy made a name for himself as DJ and founder of Down Under at Fuse Brussels, the first underground party of its kind in one of Europe’s best clubs. Today he continues to lead the way with Futurepast, a project started in 2016 with a series at Fuse and now as well in Berlin. 2018 saw the party evolve into a label which combines his forward- thinking approach to techno and a taste for ambient.

Later, London and Berlin helped to shape Davy’s sound into what it has become today. His London years (2008-2016) saw him playing gigs around the capital, in Fabric and Corsica Studios, as well as in several other clubs and parties around Europe: Veniceberg, Closer, Ghost Club and so on. Mostly seen behind the decks in the early mornings, he would indulge music lovers in cosmic trips of classy techno.

Making the move to Berlin in 2017 marked the beginning of a whole new phase for Davy. His search became farther and wider, exploring the experimental and hypnotic sounds of techno, as enlights his last LP. Released under the alias Brainwashed Today, this conceptual album is centered around a dystopian depiction of human societies’ collapses in a climate emergency era. 

But this is not the only part of his mutation. After more than twenty years of DJing, observing the transformation of his environment, and the versatility of his own tastes and influences, he needed to reshape his identity and structure his different activities. From now on, though he will remain available under his full name for crossing edge and experimental gigs, he will go by the name of T.A.M.22 for his techno vinyl sets. Purposely referring to a long legacy of multi-faceted low-profile artists, this unfolding will resolve an inner tension between aspirations for diversity and loyalty to the dancefloor rules. 


Materia (UA) · Davy @ Materia | Otel' (Kyiv) | 16.11.2018
INTRINSIC · Intrinsic 27 • Davy