Meet Dieter, our physiognomist who curated Saturday’s line-up

Meet Dieter, our physiognomist who curated Saturday’s line-up

Published on September 06, 2019

Although Dieter isn’t really a fan of the word physiognomist – a person supposedly able to judge character from facial characteristics – to describe what he does at the entrance of C12. Dieter prefers to see it as a certain two-way feedback role, trying to connect with people coming to the club and starting a conversation about the core values of our space. 

“From my position at the door, I have a unique view on how people behave when they arrive at our club. Most people are perfectly fine, but some tend to lose grip of the situation, being intoxicated due to alcohol or drug usage. We stand for a few important values in our club in order to make sure everyone feels safe and free while clubbing. We call them our 12 commandments, you can find them on a big poster in the club. In order to safeguard the vibe in, I address any concerns I have about behaviour when someone arrives, only in case there is reason to doubt of course. I fully realize that my role isn’t always fun to play, but most of the time all is actually just fine and everybody gets along well.”

Dieter used to run his own record label and booking agency for years. When he met the team behind C12 years ago, during one of their numerous Deep In House parties in Brussels, he felt an immediate connection with their approach and esthetics. This also led to co-curating this Saturday night, where he pushed forward the talented Border One and Thomas Hayes and Dardenne for the main room. In our second room C11 he opted for an array of live acts and DJ’s who stand for charming and warm techno music, among them two live acts that have never performed in Belgium before: Primal Code and CHPTR. With A. Brehme and Lunar Convoy he invited two Belgian DJ’s that will perfectly attach to the vibe he wishes to create in the intimate cocoon of C11.  

Pictures: Jéremy Gerard