NITE 074: Terrence Dixon live + Upsammy + Chris Ferreira Trio live + Mika Oki + Kong DJ + Nikki Nair + Lefto Early Bird + Goinkiki

NITE 074: Terrence Dixon live + Upsammy + Chris Ferreira Trio live + Mika Oki + Kong DJ + Nikki Nair + Lefto Early Bird + Goinkiki

December 10, 2022 | Night

C12 proudly presents Chris Ferreira Trio live. Don’t miss this first ever live performance by our beloved resident DJ. Growing a strong reputation as a studio mixer and as a DJ that has led him into the booth of Berlin’s renowned Berghain, the time is now for Chris to present his own music with trio (Sam van Binsbergen on bass and Quentin Zwijsen on keys) in the context of a club night. Here is the prospect of a beautiful adventure into the sonical world of a true electronic dance music connaisseur.
Terrence Dixon who describes techno as “Forward thinking ghetto electronics” is widely recognised for his incongruous, minimal sound design, authenticity and dedication. Catch this champion of the Detroit sound live.
Guided by an adventurous and narrative approach, Upsammy takes cues from trippy electronics, the more experimental side of DnB and oddball techno, but tries to avoid clear genres. As a DJ she consolidated a firm position in the contemporary left-field music world.
As a DJ, Mika Oki knows how to surprise the dance floor with a selection ranging from jungle, uk bass and gqom to dark electro, mesmerising trance and heavy EBM. By animating a wide range of voice samples, experimental sounds and electroacoustic music extracts, she plays like a sculptor with a duty to create an unsettling atmosphere.
Support by C12 resident Kong DJ. The Hi Scores label boss will present a fine and delicate selection from his deep house record collection to warm up the floor.
In C11 we welcome Nikki Nair, the Atlanta based DJ and producer, who distinguished himself as a bold voice in the landscape of hybridized dance music. Nair’s releases traverse genres often fusing electro, breaks, and UK bass sentiments.
From Ghent we welcome Goinkiki, who mixes breakbeat, booty bounce and dystopian club bangers in a spicy blend.

All this is curated and supported by world-renowned DJ and tastemaker Lefto Early Bird.

Terrence Dixon live
Chris Ferreira live
Mika Oki
Kong DJ

Nikki Nair
Lefto Early Bird

Good to know
Doors open: 23h
Age limit : + 21
In = In // Out = Out
For all kinds of people.

Limited amount of presale tickets :

Door sale starts at 23h.

Lockers : 2€
Toilets : Free

116 rue marche aux herbes
1000 Brussels

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In order to protect our space, we will not tolerate any discriminating comportment (racism, sexism, homophobia, …), shaming, violence, consumption of drugs and any kind of intrusive behaviour, even in its most passive form.

Between these walls, we look out for each other and respect and tolerance are key. Everyone among us is treated equally, regardless of who they are, where they come from and what they do. The space belongs to everyone and to no group or no community in particular.

C12 is a private space and reserves the right to decide which visitors are allowed to enter. Represented by our door staff, we reserve the right to deny entry to every person deemed unable to respect the values connected to the project.

C12’s staff has been trained to act against any disputative situation or behavior. We have a help desk located near the entrance of the main room, where you can talk to a staff member any time of the night. We have staff present on the dance floor and in every corner of the club, functioning as our eyes and ears. We encourage anyone who witnesses a violation of the rules to contact a C12 staff member. In case of indictment, C12 reserves the right to contact the authorities. Respect yourself, the audience, the artists and the staff, stay hydrated and have a pleasant time.

We wish you an incredible night of clubbing.