C12 x Psst Mlle • Global Orgasm • Exhibition Safia Bahmed


Dec 21

C12 • Day
21 december is not only the winter solstice, it is also Global Orgasm. The idea behind this action is for people around the world to have an orgasm during these 24 hours, which would have a widespread positive effect on earth and human well-being.
Psst Mlle and C12 would like to celebrate this day with a pluridisciplinary event celebrating orgasm and peace while opening the conversation about female pleasure.

Program (14-21h)
Exhibition Safia Bahmed Schwartz:
Safia Bahmed Schwartz is a singer, a tattoo artist and an illustrator based in Paris. She caught our attention with a project she started about a year ago on Instagram where she asked her followers to send her their favourite position so she could bring it to life on paper. She has drawn more than 200 by now, while letting her style evolve from simple black and white sketches to overwhelming blue paintings. With this project, Safia opens a conversation about sexual pleasure, which she beautifully translates into arts. She will create an exclusive series on the occasion of Global Orgasm.

Performance “L’Encastrable” by Mac Coco:
In her performance “L’Encastrable”, Ophélie, better known as Mac Coco, presents her home-made ceramic dildos. Painted in gold, silver, black or white, they look so good you wouldn’t want to hide them in your secret drawer anymore. Is it a piece of art? Or an object of sexual pleasure? Can you actually use it? From their price to their size and their colour, Mac Coco’s dildo’s are a well-thought creation and performance questioning how sex has been (mis)represented in arts for years.

Orgasm Market:
A surprising offer of sensual drawings, home-made lubricants, ceramics dildos and so much more.

Orgasm Podcast Listening Session: more info soon
Video projections: more info soon

Party in C11 (23-06h) :
Lola Haro
Mika Oki b2b Zeta Lys

116 Rue Marché aux Herbes
1000 Brussels

Subbacultcha Belgium
Lambda Labs