C12 x Le Bureau Electronique: King Midas Sound + The Ångstromers

C12 x Le Bureau Electronique: King Midas Sound + The Ångstromers

May 09, 2019 | Live

C12 x Le Bureau Electronique
C12 and Le Bureau Electronique join forces to present an evening of explorative ambient, poetry and cinema.

As two complementary entities, both LBE and C12 want to bring qualitative audio into their respective programs.
The venue will be adapted into an ideal setting where artists and audience can enjoy the immersion of sound, light and visuals.

King Midas Sound (uk)
The duo of poet Roger Robinson and Kevin Martin (aka The Bug) is back with a brand new album. Together, they plough a lonely furrow of minimal ambience and haunting melancholia, in tone poems that radiate isolation and dread.The live show turns inwards, exploring the possibilities of spoken word, deep listening and low volume ambience to create a different kind of intensity that demands total immersion.

The Ångströmers (be)
Audio-visually feedbacking lived complexities of the Belgian involvement in Congo with the intricate templexities of Kongo ceremonies – a branch of Vodou rites in Haiti that are practiced by the descendents of former slaves displaced from Congo – the Ångstromers perform a live soundtrack, ‘Ayiti Kongo Dub’, to the film collage Congo thru Kongo.

Lowdjo (be)
Brussels-Dj Lowdjo will take you on a dizzying trip exploring the globe’s off-the-radar musical heritage before, in between and after the gigs.

116 Rue Marché aux Herbes
1000 Brussels

Doors : 10€
Only cash at the entrance
Free for Subbacultcha Belgium members
In = In // Out = Out
LGBT+ Friendly

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