C12 x Kultur Bazart :BXL·EYES#2-Music & Visual Art

C12 x Kultur Bazart :BXL·EYES#2-Music & Visual Art

October 12, 2023 | Culture

For this second edition, the space will be transformed once again by talented artists through modular and hanging sculptures, lights and of course music. Come meet them and enter a new universe !

Visual art
It feels like a dream. The moon beams reflect peacefully on the buildings. The music echoes
throughout the whole city. But gradually, things start to go wrong. A house catches fire.
However, the music keeps playing, harder and harder, faster and faster. The entire city is now burning. But it’s OK, because the party won’t stop ! “Burning Down” is an evolutive scenography created by visual artists Vega, Yousra Daly and Valentine Jolibois.


Screenprinting by the 6-handed collective Print.sess. Hungry patterns, generous lines, soft
propaganda, bxl textures and shapes, heroic fantasy straight out of the canal, printed live on
any textile in need of a second chance!

A Plan SACHA (Safe Attitude Against Harassment and Assault) will be provided on site. In collaboration with Osmose collective, trained workers will be available to listen to you throughout the event. If you are victim of witness of behavior that doesn’t seem okay to you, don’t hesitate to turn to them !

Kultur Bazart is a small organization active in the cultural field, with the aim of promoting
local and emerging artists through the creation of multidisciplinary events in Brussels. We
mainly organize activities around music and visual arts (exhibitions, concerts, art fairs and
parties). Kultur Bazart was created 6 years ago as a student project based at the ULB.
Since 2021, it is an asbl that organizes events in different places in Brussels (See U, Buda,
Grotte Gustaaf Guidon, LaVallée, Brasserie Illegaal,…). Moreover, an important part of our
structure is to create the safest possible party spaces and make them more inclusive. In
order to do this, we collaborate with the “Plan Sacha” and we work to implement prevention
and actions against violences and discrimination.

Good to know
Doors open: 18h
Age limit : + 21
In = In // Out = Out
For all kinds of people.

Limited amount of presale tickets : https://c12space.com/presale-tickets/

Door sale starts at 18h.

Lockers : 2€
Toilets : Free

116 rue marche aux herbes
1000 Brussels

What we stand for
C12 is a pluridisciplinary space where art & clubbing collide. It’s a place where freedom, diversity, creativity and alternative cultures are protected from the outside world and its norms and restrictions. By doing this, we wish to establish a place owned by artists, musicians and every individual who comes through our door.

In order to protect our space, we will not tolerate any discriminating comportment (racism, sexism, homophobia, …), shaming, violence, consumption of drugs and any kind of intrusive behaviour, even in its most passive form.

Between these walls, we look out for each other and respect and tolerance are key. Everyone among us is treated equally, regardless of who they are, where they come from and what they do. The space belongs to everyone and to no group or no community in particular.

C12 is a private space and reserves the right to decide which visitors are allowed to enter. Represented by our door staff, we reserve the right to deny entry to every person deemed unable to respect the values connected to the project.

C12’s staff has been trained to act against any disputative situation or behavior. We have a help desk located near the entrance of the main room, where you can talk to a staff member any time of the night. We have staff present on the dance floor and in every corner of the club, functioning as our eyes and ears. We encourage anyone who witnesses a violation of the rules to contact a C12 staff member. In case of indictment, C12 reserves the right to contact the authorities. Respect yourself, the audience, the artists and the staff, stay hydrated and have a pleasant time.

We wish you an incredible night of clubbing.