C12 live recordings

Here is a series of live recordings from our club. Connect to our soundcloud channel and stay locked on our social media.

A clubber in a beautiful Japanese kimono walks in the main room of C12. The dj plays an unrushed ambient track, a beautiful vocal sequence echoes through the concrete structure. The space is barely lit, light strips in blue and red spread a dreamlike haze. In control of the music tonight is Floating Points – a British musician, professor and adventurous dj – who will play for six hours straight. It’s been ten minutes since the first track started and he’s in no hurry, the next track saves the room from silence at the very end of a fade out. This is the beginning of a long night and the golden hour of a party, when expectations and energy levels are high..

A group of three clubbers jumps around the room. One of them cries out “Je suis chaud!”, with enough decibels to overpower the towering sound system. Several meters away a couple tries to imagine the first kick drum, still absent in Floating Points’ atmospheric opening tracks. They soft-shoe on a square meter in the middle of the room and are officially the first dancers of the night.

Positions are being assumed on the dance floor, drinks passed around. Two spectators opt for the front row, as close as they can get to the DJ booth, in order to carefully study the dj’s movements. They don’t move an inch, gently leaning their arms on the metal fence that is protecting the hardware-loaded table from the dance floor. Behind them two dancers pirouette around the room in a criss-cross pattern. They move elegantly through the vacant space, stretching an invisible wire about the clubbers and gradually tightening up the crowd through the course of the night.

Floating Points brings in a kick drum, slowly but surely. A beautiful soul voice sings over it, the bassline starts to groove, the majority of the clubbers is now moving and shaking. The night, with its own logic and standards, is taking off. The thick walls, encapsulated in a hidden space of the mighty Brussels central station, protect its inner soul from the normative outside world, camouflaged in space and time. Tens of thousands of commuters who use the corridor during weekdays rushing to their daily trains, have no clue of the community occupying it during long weekend nights.

Hours later and C12 is still filled with energetic bodies moving in an incomprehensible yet graceful rhythm. The night’s futuristic soundtrack pumps from the enormous sound system. Everyone shares the same route to an unknown destination, happening now and not tomorrow. It’s in this space that we celebrate rave culture, based on a half-century-old tradition, with a unique Brussels flair. Our weekend home: C12. 

Author: Koen Galle (KONG DJ)
Editor: Dana Kuehr
Picture: Jeremy Gérard

We have co-founded a Facebook group called << south/MIDI >>, supporting nightlife and electronic music in 🇧🇪. Find in through the link in bio. You can join & share content or just enjoy what others post, see it as an aggregator of all the good stuff happening: DJ mixes, radio shows, merchandise, articles, interviews, …

We are teaming up with Kiosk Radio and Crevette Records for this brand new “Support Your Local Scene” t-shirt designed by Guillaume Kohn. Pre-order via Crevette’s website.

Some good news in these weird Corona times: award-winning documentary film The Sound of Belgium is available to stream for free, gratos, gratis! 

The Sound of Belgium (Director's cut) from Jozef Devillé on Vimeo.

The Sound of Belgium explores the rich but untold story of Belgian dance music. From the dance halls with Decap organs to the golden days of Popcorn; from EBM and New Beat to Belgian house and techno.

At the end of the 80s, Belgium was taken by surprise by the New Beat, a once immensely popular, almost surreal type of dance music. Its unexpected but short lived success didn’t only leave a mark on a new generation of musicians in Belgium in the years to come; its eclectic mix of sounds and styles actually had its seeds in earlier decades.

A story that has been widely ignored by ‘serious’ music critics and the mainstream media in general, ‘The Sound of Belgium’ goes in search of the spirit of a nation and the people that danced to it.

Unfortunately our events planned for the three following weekends will not happen. Given the current health situation, we see it as our responsibility to keep our doors shut. We are working on new dates with all artists involved and will keep you updated about these.

Tickets remain valid for the new date. If you wish a full refund is available, send us a mail (c12brussels@gmail.com) and mention the event and the mail address you used to purchase the tickets. If the event gets cancelled after all, everyone will be fully refunded.

Run from both Berlin and Brussels by Davy, Futurepast is a label focusing on deep and timeless electronic music. We are celebrating its fourth anniversary on Saturday March 7th and look forward to present live acts by Arpanet and Aleksi Perala, backed up by DJ-sets by Futurepast label boss Davy, Thomas Hayes and our resident Dardenne. C11 will be headlined by Onur Özer and our close friend Brassac.

For the occasion we sat down for a moment with Futurepast label boss Davy Vandegaer, who just spent half a day in his Berlin studio working on new music. It’s been three years since the producer has set camp in the German capital, after eight years in London. The Belgian (originally from Flemish city Tienen) has always kept a solid connection with his home turf though, working from and in both Germany and Belgium.

Futurepast is an interpretation of the future inspired by sounds of the past. It’s a space where time itself can unfold into an endless moment. Sense of time is irrelevant.

“Futurepast was born when we organised our first night about four years ago in Fuse. The name comes from the David Lynch directed television series Twin Peaks, the word just struck me. At the time I was digging up a lot of 90s records with a futuristic sound, so it did and still does make sense as our nom de plume. Nowadays I try to combine old and new stuff in every DJ set I perform. Over the years we had over a few of my favorite people in the game: Convextion aka E.R.P., David Morley, Jane Fitz, Acronym, …”

Everything in the Futurepast world is curated with a certain emotion I embrace towards music. Even if I have a very strong passion for techno I don’t like to settle for one genre or style, I like to keep the scope wide and also keep space for experimentation. Our podcasts series are a perfect example of what the Futurepast laboratory sounds like. The logo and artwork were made by Overdrijve (Ina Freienstein), a good friend of mine from Berlin. She really captured the vibe of our imprint well.”

“Our fourth release ‘The Flow EP’ by C12 resident Dardenne is just out, a dance floor driven release. I wish to continue investing in young talents I meet along the way. And I definitely wish to release more of my own music through the label, just as I did for the first ever Futurepast two years ago.”

“The second EP is by the hands of M GUN, a Detroit producer who delivered two house tracks and an abstract track on the flip. I also had the honor of working with David Morley. This veteran British producer has been living in Brussels for a while and helped me with the mixdown of my own music. We became friends and while hearing him play a live set in Berlin’s venue Kraftwerk during the Atonal festival, I completely fell in love with two tracks he performed. When I told David these tracks would work really well on Futurepast, he agreed to set up a release (FP003)”. 

As part of our efforts to make C12 a safe space, we now offer a ‘safe taxi’ service to bring you home after a night of clubbing. In collaboration with WW Taxi, 3 cars will be driving from the club to your destination from 3am till the end of the night. Find the desk next to the exit.

To celebrate their second birthday and International Women’s Rights Day, Psst Mlle presents ‘Intersections’.

On 7 and 8 March, womxn programmers and artists will take over Brussels’ prominent venues Ancienne Belgique, Beursschouwburg, C12, FFORMATT, LaVallée and VK.
Ten programmers gather their forces to present a weekend with womxn line-ups only, bringing together different genres, venues and organisations.

Intersections, as in the circuit between six venues.
Intersections, as in the intersectionality feminism needs so bad.
Intersections, as in the mix between music genres.
Intersections, as in the connection between female programmers.

C12 07/03/2020
• Tinkling by Talitha De Decker


The performance ‘Tinkling’ derives its name from the Philippine folk dance ‘Tinikling’ in which two people skilfully dance between beating bamboo canes. Choreographer Talitha De Decker, composer BenjamienLycke and architect Jason Slabbynck took this traditional dance as a departing point for a hypnotising pocket-sized show. Bright LED strips in three Plexiglas floor panels are the contemporary translation of the Philippine bamboo canes. Together with the music, they challenge the dancers to increase their virtuosity. The surprisingly simple movements of Talitha De Decker’s choreography are generated by highly complex dance patterns and figures. When two floor panels are erected, there is no escape anymore from the inextricably wickerwork of sound and light. Are the dancers able to keep up with the pace?

• Bora Bora (DJ set)

We here at the C12 headquarters are excited to see ‘The Flow EP’ land on Futurepast. You probably have danced while Dardenne (aka Session 4000) was testing his freshly produced tracks during one of his resident DJ-sets at C12

The Flow EP is inspired by a passage through the buzzy closing hours of Belgian nightlife. Elegantly simple hooks & driving basslines result in the brighter side of dark. Everything to keep you rooted to the dancefloor while your mind floats through the atmosphere. A dip in the pools of timelessness.
Get your copy at Crevette Records in Brussels.