New t-shirts, art print & totebag

Just in time for the final days of this dark and weird year, we have updated our webshop with three new items, a DJ workshop for groups up to four people and the most popular ones from our crowdfunding campaign in June. 

Architecture photographer Jeroen Verrecht contacted us in 2019 asking “can I visit the club in the morning, after a long night, when the last clubber just left and the cleaning staff hasn’t started yet?” The mesmerizing result is now available in printed A2 version, an emotional souvenir to glorious club nights. Edition of 100.

Artist in residence Clara Duflos has created a unique design for our new totebag. Edition of 50. 

Chanoir founder and creative director Mia Wallace Von Dalz designed two shirts, a long and a short sleeve version, based upon his nightly experiences in C12. Edition of 100. 

Experience DJing on the C12 main room soundsystem with a group of friends (or alone), and receive guidance and teaching by C12 regular Kong DJ. This is the next best thing as long as club nights are prohibited. Planning of these workshops will start once allowed again by the government and according to the health and safety measures.   

And we have restocked our black and white logo t-shirts, our photo book by in-house photographer Jeremy Gérard and our silver and golden keychains

Last but not least we added a gift card to our shop. Have your parents get you a gift card for Christmas or your birthday and avoid the risk of receiving once again H&M underwear.   

Friday June 19th we streamed a whole day from C12, live on Rinse France. Listen back to DJ sets by AliA, Azo, Chris Ferreira, Vieira & Fais Le Beau, Kappen, Karla Bohm, Kong, Lola Haro & Louis Vogue.

We’re in the final week of CROWDFUNDING.C12SPACE.COM. Last chance to grab a C12 t-shirt, our photo book, art print, workshop or another reward. Thank you for your help to survive the crisis.

Production by Thanks to Absolute Vodka.

Dardenne has started a weekly radioshow on Bruzz . His first show is available now to listen back, tune in every Saturday evening from 23h until midnight for live action.

In 1959, Charles E. Murphy, the artistic director of Command Records, asked Josef Albers (1888 – 1976) to produce a drawing for the sleeve notes of the first record released on the label, ‘Persuasive Percussion’. It was the start of a collaboration that lasted until 1961, during which time Albers produced a total of seven drawings. Characterised by their simple style, they have remained resolutely modern and graphic.

Walrus (Michiel Claus, 1987) is a DJ, producer and music archaeologist with a passion for 90s dance music.

For this show, CCINQ asked Walrus to create a performance based on the modern gestures Albers produced sixty years earlier, gestures that transcribed percussions and melodies into shapes and patterns.

Over three days, Walrus will experiment with the possibilities offered by the ARP2600 synthesiser (an American instrument he has never played before) and will imagine a sound drawing, freely inspired by Albers’ squares and grid points. Each evening, Walrus will present a different performance, in which art will be transformed by the links
between artists.

Through his research, Walrus will capture different ambiances, sequences and sounds, which will be uploaded to the internet in the form of open source samples, available on the CCINQ website.

After these three evening performances, the ‘3 pieces for synthesiser (black, white, blue)’ will be exhibited until 17th October via a sound device on our premises. In the absence of the makers, this device will emphasise the ephemeral nature of music production and recall the key role played by club culture in contemporary creation. Following on from our previous exhibition, we wanted to express solidarity with a sector that has faced significant difficulties this year.

Performance September 10, 11 and 12 at 8pm
Open by appointment – Exhibition closes 17th October
Rue Marché aux Herbes 116 – 1000 Bruxelles –

CCINQ is a non profit space initiated by C12, directed by Patrick Carpentier and co-curated by Manon Ceyssel
CCINQ is supported by Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles

We’re big fans of this Onder Stroom initiative to design football logos for cultural venues in Flanders and Brussels. While a week ago football fans were invited to watch the cup final between Brugge and Antwerp in cinema, cultural events are cancelled everywhere. We wish to support this playful protest. We’re not at all against football, but isn’t culture as important as 22 players running behind a ball?

Who helps us? The best C12 football logo design receives a t-shirt, photography book and tote bag.

Download our logo here. Send your logo design to

We are launching a crowdfunding to guarantee our future. With our doors closed since March 8th and no prospect of reopening yet, the financial impact of the crisis weighs significantly. That’s why we have decided to ask help from our devoted audience.

“When we first started C12 in February 2018, we had no clue what was about to happen. Not in our wildest dream we had expected such a rollercoaster of energizing nights, outstanding DJ or live acts, new friendships, emerging connections and theater, dance or art performances, tattoo days, audiovisual nights, … Neither had we envisioned a worldwide health crisis that would keep our doors shut for months, leading us to unprecedented financial challenges. But we aren’t finished yet. We wish to keep offering our safe space and the convening power of culture and music to our eclectic audience. We wish to maintain the freedom we experience in and around C12, which we see as a shared good between you and us. That’s why we ask for your help.”

Together with a community of artists close to us, an extensive crowdfunding has been set up. The idea is simple: anyone who wishes to support the future of the project is able to fund and choose a reward in return. These rewards include a few memorabilia, a unique guestlist keychain, workshops or tailored experiences in the club. 

We are proud to present our first ever collection of t-shirts, designed by conceptual photographer and Chanoir co-founder Antoine Grenez, based on unique pictures by our in-house photographer Jeremy Gérard. The work of Gérard is also presented in Eidôla I, a 96 pages photo book presenting his analog and hazy photographic style that has become C12’s visual trademark. A few of his most iconic pictures are also available as art prints in high quality A2 format. For these prints, C12 affiliated artists Pierre Debusschere and Clara Duflos have also shared creations to choose from. Last but not least a collection of poster prints from the club’s first months in 2018 are available to bring home as an everlasting souvenir to a favourite club night.

Funders who back up our future are not only rewarded through memorabilia. A surprising selection of experiences is also at hand. Ranging from a photoshoot in the unique decor of the club shot by professional photographers Antoine Grenez or Elodie Gerard, a once in a lifetime private preparty on the dance floor or a special dinner night next to the club’s soundsystem, hosted by Brussels restaurant St Kilda and focused on seasonal products and ingredients from short food supply chains.

For our most loyal soldiers, a limited keychain is available as an offering in return for their donation. This will grant them unlimited access to the club during the first month (silver keychain) or year (golden keychain) when reopening the club after the corona crisis.

Lastly creative funders are able to join a workshop of their choice, focusing on a job part of the electronic music ecosystem. In the experienced hands of a few C12 regulars, one gets to focus on music production, studio mixing or an afternoon DJ workshop.

The C12 crowdfunding campaign runs from Monday May 18th until Sunday June 28th.

We hope to collect 50.000 euro, to help us make up all losses the club encountered after having to close doors, cover their current fixed costs and avoid the risk of not surviving the crisis.  

We wish to express eternal gratitude to the city of Brussels for their support and everyone who made this crowdfunding possible. We will never be able to thank you enough.

The Corona crisis is keeping our doors closed and dancefloor empty for several weeks now, with no hopes yet on new line-ups and crowds of enthusiastic dancers. But this unprecedented situation isn’t holding us still. Continuing to support our local Brussels and Belgian electronic music scene, C12 is proud to announce 10 music compilations dubbed Social Distancing. All artists involved are Belgian or strongly connected to the Brussels scene. Confirmed are Le Motel, Stellar OM Source, A.Brehme, Front De Cadeaux, Davy, OCB Casa Voyager, Cabasa, Techno Thriller, Orphan Swords, Different Fountains, Bear Bones Lay Low, Gols, Hadone, … and our residents Session 4000, Kafim & Chris Ferreira. Compilations will also be curated by female artists promoting platform ‘Psst Mlle’ and queer culture collective ‘Benediction’.  

Each edition consists of a collection of several tracks and will be released every two weeks, leading to a total of approximately fifty tracks. All music will be available to add on your favorite streaming service Soundcloud, Youtube, Spotify (coming soon) and Bandcamp. In addition for each track we offer a limited amount of 500 free downloads through our Bandcamp page, where donations are also enabled for those who wish to support us and the artists involved. 

The first compilation – C12 presents ‘Social Distancing 1.1’ – is techno oriented, while the focus on upcoming releases will shift towards IDM/electro, techno, breakbeat, experimental, EBM,  cosmic and house music among others. 

Stream on your favorite platform or download for free through our bandcamp page:

Artwork: Andrea Mancini
Mixing: ‘A. Brehme – Cordial’ by Chris Ferreira
Mastering: Ahmet Altinbas

A major thank you goes to all the artists involved for their kind gifts and everyone else who makes this project possible.