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Session 4000 / Dardenne


Session 4000, or Damien Dardenne to his friends, makes his debut for our fresh new label with ‘Club Rotation’. He’s been a fixture on the local Belgian scene for the last four years between his DJ residencies for Deep In House and C12, during which he diligently crystallized and matured a collection of pumping house and electro productions.

Damien is originally coming from Liege but is residing in Brussels for several years. He plays music without borders, surprises you with a selection of oldskool house and techno records, loves to take risks and dares to challenge the public. His sets can best be described as energetic, innovative and never boring. Through his endless enthusiasm and nonstop dancing he naturally interacts with his crowd. Yes, you could say he’s a born entertainer!

Don’t expect an ‘autobahn’ and dive into his vision of the electronic sounds.

Dardenne is Session 4000’s techno Alter Ego

Inspirations: Atom, Drexcyia, Marco shuttle, Tobias, Wolfgang voigt, Punisher, Convextion, Peter Van horsen, Dj slip, Thomas p heckman, Jeff Mills, Darren price, P.A.S, Freddy fresh Steve Stoll


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Ojoo Music · Ojoo.fm #03 I Session 4000 (C12 / Deep in House)