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Clara Duflos


Born in Grenoble, Clara moved to Brussels 6 years ago to pursue a Master’s degree in graphic design at the Belgian art school La Cambre. Since then, talented french painter has created a universe based around women that has been ingrained her head for the past two years. She opted for painting with a broad selection of vivid colors and with a lot of movement which make her paintings visually dynamic.

Central in her work are women pictured without a face or expression, anonymous, symbolizing the often tensed position of women in society. In her own words “They are fleeing from a place, away from something”.

Although she produces most of her work on canvas and paper her biggest passion and are murals, the bigger the better.

Inspirations: The list is endless but currently the work of Alexey Luka and Paul Wackers have gotten a lot of attention from Clara.


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