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Antoine (26) and Zéphir (24) kicked off the Amer Studio project at the end of 2019. The collaboration was born from their experience gathered over the past 4 years in the wide spectrum of the audiovisual field. Both members of the organisation previously lead several projects involving imagery (photography – & video) as well as graphic and sound related arts. 

Their multidisciplinary education gathered at the School of Graphic Research (ERG) in Brussels, opened the doors to many different mediums that now enable them to create the most complete outcomes to the many projects they take on. The goal is to utilise their broad knowledge in order to develop a concept of a creative process specific to the needs of their customers.

Antoine is a freelance photographer and videographer who carries out his personal research in the fields of camouflage and mystification of nature. He is also active in the turmoil of the Brussels night by managing the Chanoirs collective which is organizing events to put forward the richness of the Brussels alternative music scene on various platform such as C12, Kiosk Radio & Recyclart. Last but not least, Antoine is and has been in very close collaboration with the C12 project in Brussels. He acts as a consultant and project manager in various fields such as: merchandising, a number of exhibition as well as photographer for the most recent C12 branch that was created in early 2020 – the C12 Artist Agency. 

Zéphir Moreels is a Franco-Belgian artist and director who mainly working the visual arts as illustrator and video and graphic designer. His work revolves around the imagination of myths and dreams. As an illustrator for Vice magazine, he is also responsible for several visual projects put forward by Nocturnal Brussels organization The Void in creating the cover of their first project vinyl release. The young artist is currently working on his first feature length documentary called A Devil Jumping Around, which deals with paganism in Lithuania. This project will be co-directed by the producer Alban Mercier from Officium and Geoid Color Circle.

Since the very beginning, Amer Studio have been collaborating with the C12 in projects such as organising fashion shows and expositions among which Après la pluie, with the photographer Lara Gasparotto and the author Simon Johannin. In addition, they also collaborate with the sulfurous crew Bénédiction on a documentary that puts forward the many challenges as well as the importance and the weight of the project in the Brussels nightlife. Furthermore they recently lead and supervised the project Train Swirl/ Etude of Cassiel Gaube.


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