Jeremy Gérard

Jeremy with his photography tries to capture glances of a parallel world by pinpointing the nuances of a seemingly chaotic mass from within.

One of the main goals is to keep traces of the rituals of the nightlife and archiving them. 

The idea is not only to work as a cameraman in terms of an outsider capturing moments via his lens, but to completely immerse himself in this so called hedonistic safari and become a creature of the night by giving back to the vibe, partaking wholeheartedly in the endeavor at play to then capture the moments from the inside.


Nobuyoshi Araki – Désinvolture

Daido Moryama –  Spontanéité

Stanislav Tuma – Abstraction

Stanley Kubrick – Rigueur

Arnold Newman – Présence

Andreï Tarkovski – Weltschmertz

Whether it is as a Dj, label owner or his role as an event promoter, French born Souleiman Bacar aka lunar convoy has been making a name for himself on the Brussels scene since 2015. 

By joining forces with Martin Respaut aka Foreign Material he was able to create NORITE, a prolific imprint that accounts for more than 30 releases to this date.

One shouldn’t be fooled by the meditative and ethereal output from his label, as lunar convoy’s influences reach way beyond the deep techno spectrum. His ability to merge hypnotism and groove has opened the path to the major Dj booths of the Belgian capital such as Fuse, C12, FFORMATT as well as clubs in Lille, Paris & Berlin

His most recent project is called Metropolis a series of day time events that take place on Sunday. Along with his peers Sonhan and Altinbas he is free to experiment with different tempos and sound textures whilst honing his skills as a Dj set after set.

Inspirations: Acronym, Anthony Linell, Evigt Morker, ASC, Peter Van Hoesen, Mike Parker, Dorisburg, Neel, Donato Dozzy, Marco Shuttle, Rhyw, Architectural, Dino Sabatini, Pris, Varg, Polar Inertia, Stefan Goldmann, Rrose, Forest Drive West, Eric Cloutier, Kangding Ray, Lucy, Batu, Pugilist, Mor Elian, Asusu, Conforce, Aurora Halal, A Sagittariun, Cosmin TRG, Forest Drive West, Stenny, Konduku, upsammy, Nautiluss, Solid Blake, Deniro, Agonis, Gunnar Haslam, Feral, Exos, Archivist, Pearson Sound, Bambounou…

Techno Thriller is a duo from Brussels. Composed by Hoel and Leo , the “Four-Handed” formation has steadily been crafting cybernated gothic music from the depths of their narrow basement; Drawing inspiration from dark dungeons murky synthpunk and industrial machinery collinding in fervor and howls. Their music feels as muscular and drenched as one could expect from their thrilling performances. 

Free falling tumultuous bass line lacerated by ominous muffled barking and groans. Bone-Bending primitive techno catapulted over the walls in the most urgent fashion.  At times , it very much feels like trying to dance on some sort of cryptic electronic body music in a heavy chain-mail , or at least we urge to do do.  

Inspirations: : Skinny puppy, throbbing gristle, coil, ministry, spk, einsturzende neubauten

Born in Grenoble, Clara moved to Brussels 6 years ago to pursue a Master’s degree in graphic design at the Belgian art school La Cambre. Since then, talented french painter has created a universe based around women that has been ingrained her head for the past two years. She opted for painting with a broad selection of vivid colors and with a lot of movement which make her paintings visually dynamic.

Central in her work are women pictured without a face or expression, anonymous, symbolizing the often tensed position of women in society. In her own words “They are fleeing from a place, away from something”.

Although she produces most of her work on canvas and paper her biggest passion and are murals, the bigger the better.

Inspirations: The list is endless but currently the work of Alexey Luka and Paul Wackers have gotten a lot of attention from Clara.

As a sound engineer, a raver and a resident DJ at the most renowned underground night club in Belgium, Kafim has acted as an aware observer of the intangible factors that bring life to a dance floor. This, enabled him to achieve his ultimate purpose – gather everyone’s attention towards one common goal.

Kafim is an established C12 favourite, proving time and time again that he is the master of the C12 dancefloor. Just recently Kafim solidified his status with a mindblowing set when he was given the daunting task of closing the C12 dancefloor after the maestro Donato Dozzy himself had his way with the Brussels crowd .

After 10 years of gathering production experience his long awaited first full release will arrive on the shelves in September 2020. 

Inspirations:  Underground Resistance, Thee oh Sees, Downwards, Technotronic, Useless Eaters, Ostgut, The Cure, Elektrabel, Nicolas Lutz, Coltrane, Rhadoo.

As a Masters student in musicology at the ULB in Brussels Chris is currently writing his thesis on André Stordeur – Pioneer of modular synthesis – and the impact his Studio “Synthèses” had on the belgian musical scene in the 70s and 80s.

As a studio engineer, he has worked for a number of renowned local projects such as Basic Moves and Different Fountains. 

When it comes to DJing and collecting records, Chris has been an active member of the Brussels electronic scene for the past 10 years. His successes as a Deep in House and C12 resident have allowed him to play for a number of internationally esteemed events such as the Klub Nacht in Berghain and Nuit Sonores in Lyon.

Inspirations:  His large and varied spectrum of influences range from Pérotin to Schubert, Varèse, Donald Byrd, Oxmo Puccino, Theo Parrish, Underground Resistance, Jan Jelinek, just to name a few. 

It all began with hip hop, soul, funk and jazz in his teenage years which quickly drew him to electronic music and all its sub genres within dance music.His musical interest then expanded to ancient occidental music and its early polyphony all the way to today’s most contemporary music.

Antoine Grenez (1994, vit et travaille à Bruxelles) a étudié la photo à l’ERG (Ecole de Recherche Graphique) dans l’atelier de Gilbert Fastenaekens. Il poursuit ensuite un Master à Sint-Lukas Bruxelles avec Aglaia Konrad. Antoine Grenez a déjà quelques solides projets derrière lui, dont une exploration du paysage des carrières avec Léo Seyers, qui donnera lieu au livre et à l’exposition Gisements en 2016.

Issu d’une pratique plutôt documentaire à la base, Antoine Grenez s’est récemment tourné vers des recherches où la réalité et la fiction s’entremêlent. Il explique : « Mon travail a dès lors pris un caractère étrange, à la lisière du monde connu, cherchant un exotisme presque extra-terrien dans mes images. La recherche d’une certaine étrangeté me suit maintenant lors de mes voyages. Lorsque je suis parti en Finlande pour réaliser Tracks (2017), le paysage entièrement recouvert par la neige permettait un pouvoir d’abstraction sur l’activité humaine présente. Cela a confirmé en moi ce besoin de fiction narrative .»

At the age of 5, Adema entered the Conservatoire when starting his classical music education playing the piano. Being mentored by a jazz teacher, his musical spectrum expanded, and his particular creative vision developed itself further.

Adema, originally from Lille where he has had a big influence on the local electronic scene, moved to Brussels in the summer of 2016 in order to pursue his studies in sound engineering. 

Founder of the Full Scale project  he now runs some of the most interesting minimal parties in Belgium as well as an in-house agency that promotes artists that have that minimal vibe. Through his events he has been able to redefine and reaffirm his musical identity while making a name for himself in the minimal and micro sphere.

He finds a lot of inspiration in jazz and classic music, he has also listened a lot to hip-hop music, what he loves about those genres is the groove, whereas in classical music, it’s the dynamic & emotion. He aspires to get the best out of both the classical and electronic worlds and tries to connect both together. He thus strives for symphony through harmony and dynamic by using true electronic sounds that

As a sound engineer at C12 alongside Kafim he is a big influence on the high quality and high standards of the lambda labs soundsystem.

Inspirations: Ricardo Villalobos, ZIP, Rhadoo – Ademas main influences come from his experiences in witnessing events and festivals in eastern Europe.