C12 is a new multidisciplinary platform run by the Deep in House collective. A safe place where freedom, diversity, creativity and alternative culture are protected from the restrictive and normative outside world. It is a safe place where the passion for art & music in all its forms unites all identities. The project will include concerts, art installations, lives, club nights and exhibitions.

C12 is a pluridisciplinary space where art & clubbing collides. It’s a place where freedom, diversity, creativity and alternative cultures are protected from the outside world and its norms and restrictions. By doing this, we wish to establish a Safe Place for arts, music as well as for everyone of us.

In order to protect this Safe Place, we cannot tolerate and we firmly oppose ourselves against any of the following comportments, even in its most passive form:
– Racism
– Sexism
– Ableism
– Class discrimination
– Religious discrimination
– Homophobia
– Transphobia
– Shaming of any kind
– Physical or moral harassment
– Physical or moral violence
– Consumption of drugs
Dangerous behaviour to self or others
(…) even if not stated above.

We ask anyone to stay true to the following spirit: “It’s not because it is not our problem that it is not a problem.” Between these walls respect and tolerance are key. Everyone among us is treated equally, apart from who they are, where they come from and what they do. The space belongs to everyone and to no group or no community in particular. 

C12 is a private space and reserves the right to decide which visitors are allowed to enter. Represented by its physiognomists, it reserves the right to deny entry to every person unable to respect the values connected to the project. When entering the club, you commit to respect the above listed rules. You submit to this contract and accept it in its entirety. Based on this, we believe you share the values of C12 and you are aware to participate in a communal experience where the smooth running depends on all of us including you.

C12’s staff has been trained to act as best as possible against any disputative situation or behaviour or to arrange assistance from anyone else from the staff who is able to handle the case. The club’s management reserves the right to refuse anyone violating the above-mentioned rules or the concept of our Safe Place. This ban will be immediate. 

We encourage anyone who witnesses a breaking of the rules or the concept of our Safe Place, to contact a C12 staff member. In case of danger or when a situation is out of control, we encourage anyone to ask for help from a staff member, who will do their best possible to bring you to safety or to provide help. In case of indictment, C12 reserves the right to contact the authorities.

Respect yourself, the audience, the artists and the staff, stay hydrated and have a pleasant time. We wish you an incredible night of clubbing.

C5 is a project room devoted to visual arts. It is part of a larger entity named C12 which acts as a multidisciplinary platform for concerts, live shows, club nights and more initiated by the Brussels-based collective Deep in House.