Our March 2019 playlist

Mar 01 2019

10 artists from our line-up in text & music! At this first day of March, let’s go a bit deeper into the artists and dj’s booked for this month. Discover some of their best music, dj-sets and live performances on Youtube, Soundcloud, Bandcamp or Spotify below, just a few clicks away.

1. Abdulla Rashim aka Anthony Linell & Acronym (EVENT)

Abdulla Rashim & Acronym will be playing all night long this Saturday in C12. They are the best in their game, bringing rather cold and slow techno. Scandinavian style.

2. Egyptian Lover (EVENT)

They call him the king of the 808. He is a living legend and a pioneer of the US electro and hiphop scene. He started out making mixtapes as a teenager, rhyming over tracks he recorded off the radio, before taking his mix of rhymes and electro beats to the streets of LA. This is still very much part of his live show, which we present on Saturday in C11 (2nd room). His first album ‘On The Nile’ was released in 1984. Kong & Gratts and Aw Schucks back him up.

3. Schatrax (EVENT)

Schatrax is much of a mystery. The prolific UK producer has an incredible discography mostly on his own label with these iconic handwritten covers, but hasn’t given many interviews or internet appearances. He is known though as an incredibly solid house dj who regularly plays the best clubs in the world. We’re very happy to have him on Sunday during our first Sunday rave of the season. Cleveland, Vieira & Dj Athome also on the line-up.

4. Dopplereffekt (EVENT)

Dopplereffekt is a legendary electro outfit by Heinrich Mueller and Nhan Le Thi. Their ‘Gesamtkunstwerk’ and futuristic music can be deathly serious but always has a certain humour to it, an opening to funkiness. The band exists since the nineties and has links to that even more legendary Detroit electro project Drexciya. In this interesting interview at Resident Advisor you’ll learn a bit more about their identities and philosophies.Jakob & Chris Ferreira on warm-up and closing duties.

5. Elena Sizova (EVENT)

On weekdays she is an engineering lecturer at the National Technical University of Minsk. Weekend audiences are rather different, when Elena shares her musical knowledge with the crowds at underground parties. Outstanding is her collaboration with Heinrich Mueller for a conceptual Der Zyklus mini-album on Belgian WeMe Records, listen to a track from this album below.

6. Theo Parrish (EVENT)

Detroitian Theo Parrish easily merits the status of a godfather dj. The Sound Signature label owner and producer is outstanding with the rotary mixer and two turntables, able to create an atmosphere mixing from house to acid, jazz, soul, funk, reggae and so on. His young protégé Julion De’Angelo will be doing the warm-up, after which Theo goes on until the end. Life can be simple.

7. Strange Sounds From Beyond (EVENT)

We are happy to be part of the European club tour of Amsterdam based festival, blog, mix series, radio and quality label Strange Sounds From Beyond. Salon Des Amateurs resident Lena Willikens will headline, next to two upcoming dj’s from the Holland new wave: Identified Patient and Mad Miran.

8. Dax J (EVENT)

This London born, Berlin based dj used to be a drum’n bass digger until he discovered techno. His uncompromising mega energy and very technical style is to our liking. He’ll play a long set in the main room.

9. San Soda (EVENT)

This is probably one of the best Belgian dj’s around at the moment. That’s why we give him the floor of our beloved C11 (2nd room) from start to finish. He runs a label called MTMU that just recently released this brilliant Algerian 1977 track by sginer Zohra.

10. Barac, Ion Ludwig live (EVENT)

The recent focus on Romania when it comes to minimal techno is well deserved. Boiler Room’s visit to Bucharest proves our point, with both our headliners Barac and Ion Ludwig on their bill.